Men are of a different emotional composition than that of women and react in a different manner in most situations. Men often suppress emotions and likewise hesitate to discuss symptoms. There fore it is often difficult to identify men suffering from anxiety attacks. Deeper probing often reveals the condition they are in. In such cases, anxiety symptoms can be used to diagnose their condition.
Given below are 7 critical anxiety symptoms in men.

Anxiety Symptoms

1. Insomnia
2. Fatigue
3. Digestive Disorders
4. Irritability
5. Headaches
6. Respiratory Disturbance
7. Frequent Urination & Dry Mouth

7 Critical Anxiety symptoms in detail

1. Insomnia – Men suffering from anxiety disorder sleep very little. Sleep disturbance is due to the troublesome thoughts floating in their mind. Insomnia may continue for a long time. Being cranky, anxious and nervous are high anxiety symptoms in men. It also contributes to some degree to sleeplessness.

2. Fatigue - This is partly due to loss of sleep and partly due to a combination of other factors. A stimulus triggers the release of response hormones like adrenaline and cortisol along with norepinephrine. This surge prepares the body for a fitting response to a threat. But the hyperactive mind does not come out of the panicky situation. Long period of stressed situation ultimately tires the body and the affected person feels fatigued.

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3. Digestive Disorders – The digestive disorder symptoms may vary in men. Some may experience stomach upsets, nausea or a loss of appetite. And some others may experience diarrhea, flatulence and constipation. Some men may even complain of indigestion and stomach burn.

4. Irritability – Edginess and irritability are common in men suffering from anxietyattack. Men suffering from anxiety quickly lose their cool. They will always be fearful. They tend to get upset over minor things. These signs of anxiety can also be termed as ‘cognitive disorders’.

5. Headaches – Men suffering from anxiety often complain of headache. There can be various reasons for the headache. Along with headache, they also experience a high body temperature.

6. Respiratory Disturbance

- Anxious men have an increased rate of breathing. They will appear short of breath. The high rate of breathing will lead to shortage of oxygen, which in turn can lead to headaches. When the person becomes aware of his high rate of breathing, he may feel scared and become more anxious. When combined with problems like headache and shortness of breath, it makes the already anxious person frustrated.

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7. Frequent Urination & Dry Mouth – Anxiety physical symptoms : The Mouth becomes dry when the body becomes tense. This is one of the responses a person will experience when he gets anxious. Similarly, there will be an urge to urinate frequently due to the tensed state of muscles of the bladder.

Anxiety symptomsAnxiety symptomsanxiety symptomsanxiety symptoms





The above mentioned 7 critical anxiety symptoms help to identify anxiety disorder and help in anxiety treatment for the men suffering from anxiety and help them lead better lives.

We would like you to share if you have found someone with any of the above mentioned symptoms. Or you have come across any other symptoms other than the mentioned seven. Please share your personal experiences in the comments section

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