This is a collection of health websites for kids which address a selection of healthy lifestyle, including nourishment, physical exercise, and sleep. This enables them to enjoy a lifetime of fitness and wellness. Being entertaining and interactive, generally these websites are well-liked by kids. Below, you will find a brief about the most popular 15 health websites for your kids.


This is one of the most popular health websites for kids visited throughout the world. You can receive the necessary medical guidance through the advice from the concerned health specialists through an easily understandable method in the vform of videeos. In this unique website, you can get information about various educational programs and schemes for your children.

2. NIH:

The abbreviation, NIH stands for National Institute of Health. This health website focuses on the enhancement of physical exercises, which are functional; as well as nutrition for your kids to keep them functionally fit. Every parent is quite aware about the fact that, your kids will not do any exercise, if it’s not fun. Moreover, functional fitness does not denote only physical health, but also social as well as emotional sense of well-being.

Child Health

3. WebMD

If you are anxious thinking about the possibility of any serious illness from which your kids might be suffering, then this is the ideal website for you. You can also get the information about different methods to make them develop good habits, and thus enable them to lead a healthy an a disciplined life. You can gain knowledge about the management of certain problems like ADHD, and autism; and abnormal behavioral disorders. This of course, is one of the biggest challenges for all parents. You can also have an estimate of your kid’s height with the help of the Kid’s Height Predictor. You can gain knowledge about the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and management of different common illnesses amongst children.

4. MedicineNet:

This health website for kids provides you with all the guidelines about the immunization schedule right from conception to teens. You can also gain knowledge about the different safety measures, and about the management of health problems such as, acne.

5. MayoClinic:

This health website for kids, provides a promising solution to the psychological and behavioral challenges confronted by your kids. This is accomplished by the appropriate counseling and discussions by a clinical psychotherapist, including sex education. You can also get to know to prepare healthy nutritious recipes for your kids.

6. Drugs:

This health website for kids gives you all the up-to-date information about the toxic effects of certain drugs when administered to children; such as, ibuprofen, flucanazole, and Bactrim, which is a combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethaxazole. Hence, this is one of the most popular and comprehensive health website for kids.

7. EverydayHealth:

This exclusive health website provides you with all the information to manage certain health issues in your babies, such as diaper rashes; and head lice infestation.

8. MedHelp:

If you happen to be a parent of an obese kid, then this is the ideal health website for you. Generally, it would be sensible to egg on any or every physical activity your kid is interested in. Incorporation of physical workout into family workouts is an excellent way to boost activity levels in your obese kid.

9. HealthGrades:

If you are anxious about your child’s health condition, then you can obtain knowledge about the same, by consulting a pediatric psychiatrist, pediatric psychologist, or a surgeon.

10. RealAge:

This unique website stresses on the fact that, education does not mean to make a child literate, but it has far better effects in developing good habits; like washing hands before he/she has food, which has to be followed throughout one’s life. You also get guidelines to assess your kid’s health status. You also get information about the method to deal if your kid has a habit to suck his/her thumb.

11. Well Sphere:

This health website for kids provides you with the necessary guidelines about the health risks caused by the social media. You can also learn to make your kids enjoy better sleep at night, and make them illusion-. Free.

12. Better Medicine:

On this website, you can get a solution for the management of skin illnesses, that your child might be suffering from. This website also provides adequate education, along with leadership training programs with an intention to stop drug abuse amongst your kids and teens.

13. RxList:

In this health website for kids, you can get the basic information on the indication, contraindication, dosages, etc., of essential medicines. You can also get a clear idea about the significance of feeding your kids with fresh fruits and green vegetables; which are rich sources of essential vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin E. This website also focuses on the beneficial effects of health campaigns in creating awareness about the harmful effects of drug abuse.

14. Healthline:

This health website for kids provides you with the different possible mental illnesses in your kids, and the possible risk factors as well as the management for the same. Hence, if you happen to spend sleepless nights because of mental stress or anxiety suffered by your children, then just don’t worry at all! This is the ideal website for your family. You can also get a clear idea about the management of ADHD children, including the risk factors. At the same time parents as well as the child caregivers can obtain the best advice and education for your kids , from the available resources. You can have any of your queries answered about your kid’s health in the 24-hour available telephone line which is very confidential.

15. Prevention:

As understood by the name itself, this unique health website for kids focuses on the preventive measures of different diseases affecting your kids. You can get the complete knowledge about the immunization schedule for your kids. You should remember that, usually when under tremendous emotional stress, kids consume large quantities of fats. As parents, you can teach your kids to eat the right food, and maintain oral hygiene.

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