Depression Symptoms In Men

Men have a different emotional build than that of women. Hence they react in a different manner from the way women react to pressure and depression. The worlds over men are considered stronger than that of women and hence there is a tendency in men to subdue expressions and emotions. For this reason, men find it difficult to admit being depressed and as a result often refrain from treatment. You need to watch out for the following

7 Critical Depression Symptoms in Men

1. Anger / Irritation / Denial

These are the most visible depression symptoms in men. Depressed men are irritable, angry and this often leads to outbursts. Angry outburst can become frequent and more violent with time. Also depressed men often deny being sick or depressed. They will often react angrily, when they are pressured into accept that they are depressed or when suggested to undergo treatment.

2. Reckless & Irresponsible Behavior / Substance Abuse

Men often take to drinking to fight depression. Apart from alcohol consumption and sometimes drug abuse, depressed men show irresponsible behavior and almost no concern about how others feel. It would seem that they live in a world of their own. Disheveled appearance is a noticeable characteristic of men suffering from depression and they often refuse other people’s advice to improve their appearance.

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3. Sleeping Disorder

Depressed men either sleep less or sleep in excess. Sleeping for long hours is often an easy way to avoid contact with others or to escape responsibilities. At times men suffering from depression may have disturbed sleep or may stay awake for long hours at night while others are asleep.

4. Withdrawal & Breakdown Of Communication

Breakdown of communication is perhaps the first sign women and other family members notice in men who suffer from depression. Denial and a stubborn short answer with an ‘everything is fine’ reply is often a sign of confusion and great mental upheaval in men. More probing by others often leads depressed men to withdraw and this in turn causes a breakdown of communication.

5. Sluggishness & Disinterestedness

Constant weariness and a sluggish way of doing daily chores or carrying out responsibilities in a disinterested manner is often a sign of depression in men. Complaints become a habit in depressed men. Disinterestedness may be evident from refusal to take part in household activities and can even lead to a reduced sexual drive in some men. On the other hand, aggressive men may seek succor in sex with their partners while at the same time they refuse to talk. This may irritate women, as they will feel being used. This leads to further alienation between the partners, that is something which should not be happening.

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6. Excessive Worry

Depressed men have a heightened anxiety and they constantly worry about something or the other. At work, depressed men constantly worry about failure. Outside office and place of work, these men often worry about rejection from their partners and family. Sometimes their worry is evident in the way they react strongly to daily disturbances. Worry becomes part of life of depressed men.

7. Suicidal Tendencies

As men are less prone to talk about their depression and less likely to seek medical help than women, the build up of pressure inside them sometimes drives them towards suicide. Suicidal tendencies may not be strong in most depressed men. However, sometimes depressed men who feel trapped by the circumstances may see suicide as a way out of their problems.

Though men have a tough outlook, they are not super humans. Men too suffer from depression at various stages in their lives. Recognizing the above mentioned depression symptoms in men can help concerned family members and friends to encourage them to undergo treatment.

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