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  • State Grid Case Granted International Image Award

    State Grid received the award of Top 10 Cases on Building International Image of Chinese Enterprises in 2021 for its case on "Cultural Integration, People-to-People Bonds - Building an International Enterprise Connecting China and the World."

    Release time:2022-01-06

  • Registered Users of "State Grid Online" Exceeded 200 Million

    On November 22, the number of registered users of "State Grid Online", an app of State Grid Corporation of China for online power supply service, reached 200 million, with 38 million monthly active users (MAU).

    Release time:2021-12-29

  • Nanchang-Changsha UHV AC Project to be in Operation Soon

    Though it's getting cold in Jiangxi and Hunan in December, the construction of the 1000 kV Nanchang-Changsha UHV AC Transmission and Transformation Project continued in full swing. More than a thousand power grid workers were busy with the construction at their respective workspace on the ground, in mid-air, and high above, accompanied by the resonance of machinery, verbal instructions, and the workers' chanting slogans over the construction site.

    Release time:2021-12-20

  • Two Generating Units of Fengning Pumped Storage Power Plant in Hebei Connected to Grid

    From November 6 to 9, No. 1 and 10 generating units of Fengning Pumped Storage Power Plant in Hebei province, with the largest installed capacity in the world, were successively integrated into the North China Power Grid. Great strides were made in the commissioning of the units, marking a step closer towards putting them into operation within the year.

    Release time:2021-12-15

  • Xin Baoan Attends and Delivers Speech at CEPSI 2021, Injecting Strong Impetus to Energy Transition in the Asia-Pacific

    The three-week 23rd Conference of the Electricity Power Supply Industry (CEPSI) closed on November 25. Xin Baoan, Executive Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China and President of China Electricity Council, attended the Conference online and delivered a speech. At the meeting, Xin Baoan officially began his term of office as President of the Association of the Electricity Supply Industry of East Asia and the Western Pacific (AESIEAP) from 2022 to 2023.

    Release time:2021-12-10

  • State Grid HVDC Innovation Team Awarded Title of “National Advanced Group of Professional and Technical Talents”

    The outcome of the selection event of the 6th "National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talents" and "National Advanced Group of Professional and Technical Talents" were officially announced recently, with 97 groups awarded the title of "National Advanced Group of Professional and Technical Talents" and 93 individuals awarded the title of "National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent". The HVDC transmission technology and equipment innovation team of State Grid Corporation of China was awarded the title of "Advanced Group".

    Release time:2021-12-03

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