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Smart Grid

Smart grid is a new-generation power system established on the basis of traditional power systems by integrating new energy, new material, new equipment, and new technologies like advanced sensor technologies, information technology, control technology and power storage technology, featuring high level of informatization, automation and interaction. It could realize safe, reliable, economical and efficient operation of the power grid system.

World leader in Smart Grid

State Grid attaches great importance to building strong and smart power grid. It has carried out comprehensive research and practice in the development of smart grid with a strong grid structure as the basis, covering power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, usage, dispatching and information communication with a series of major breakthroughs made in theoretical innovation, standard development, key technology, major equipment and project construction. State Grid has become a global leader in smart grid development with remarkable achievements.

By the end of 2017, the installed capacity of renewable energy integrated into the grid in areas covered by State Grid operations reached 280GW, 145.39GW of which was wind power and 120.83GW of which was solar power, ranking first in the world. State Grid has also established the world’s largest EV battery charge service network with 46,000 companies and 108,000 charging piles being integrated into the Internet of Vehicles. Currently it is the best open smart charging service platform in China with the widest coverage and the largest number of facilities. In addition, State Grid has installed more than 400 million smart meters and has achieved 100% coverage of automatic power use information collection. The Corporation developed a series of world-class smart grid demonstration projects to promote the commercialization of technological innovation results in the smart grid and build a world-leading smart grid innovation demonstration zone. Moreover, State Grid also built the world’s first 1000kV UHV AC power transmission and conversion demonstration project that has been put into commercial operation, the world’s first ±800kV UHV DC power transmission demonstration project with the highest voltage level and the largest capacity, and the National Wind/PV/Energy Storage and Transmission Joint Demonstration Project in Zhangbei which is the largest of its kind. The world’s first 200kV HVDC circuit breaker demonstration project was built and put into operation, which solved the “centennial bottleneck” of circuit breaking of high-power HVDC projects. In 2017, the first renewable-energy power plant equipped with virtual synchronous generator function in the world was built and put into operation, and the 500kV UPFC demonstration project of Suzhou South Grid featuring the highest voltage and the largest capacity in the world was put into operation; the construction of the ±500kV Zhangbei VSC-HVDC power grid project was in full swing.