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Power Distribution Networks

The distribution network is an essential infrastructure for the national economy and social development. In recent years, State Grid has followed the Guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission on Accelerating the Development and Improvement of Distribution Networks (NDRC Energy (2015) No.1899) and the Circular of the National Energy Administration on Issuing the Action Plan for Developing and Improving Distribution Networks (2015-2020) (NEA Power (2015) No.290). The utility is committed to the strategic goal of building a world-leading energy internet company with Chinese characteristics. It remains customer-oriented, and continues to improve the reliability of power supply, strengthen its own standard system, and promote lean operation and intelligent management. It aims to build a first-class modern distribution network that enables sound management through good equipment and technology under well-designed architect, so as to provide quality services that underpin efforts to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

By the end of 2020, State Grid has built and operated 4.273 million kilometers of 6-20 kV distribution lines, including 3.452 million kilometers of overhead lines, 821 thousand kilometers of cable lines, with 5.242 million sets of distribution transformers of a total capacity of 1.67 billion kVA, and 5.868 million sets of distribution switchgears.