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State Grid implements the national innovation-driven development strategy, with the goal of “building up world-class power grid and world-class enterprise”, with innovation system construction as a guarantee, relying on key projects construction, vigorously promotes “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” and fully implements “world class and four big” scientific and technological development strategy, achieving remarkable results in the S&T innovation. Up to now, the company has accumulatively obtained 69 National Awards for Science and Technology, including 2 Grand Prizes, 7 First Prizes and 60 Second Prizes. The company has obtained 91 China Patent Awards, including 7 Chinese Patent Gold Awards and 25 China Standards Innovation and Contribution Awards, in which 7 are First Prizes. Besides, the company has also obtained 597 China Power Science and Technology Awards, including 59 First Prizes. State Grid has a total of 73,350 patents. Patent ownership and invention patent applications ranked first in central state-owned enterprises for seven consecutive years. A number of major scientific and technological demonstration projects such as Zhoushan Flexible DC Transmission Project, Xiamen Flexible DC Transmission Project, Nanjing Unified Power Flow Controller Project, and Zhoushan DC Circuit Breaker Project have been completed and put into operation. The company has established a unified technical standard system, and has formulated and revised 47 international standards, 534 national standards, and more than 1000 industrial standards. In 2017, the company was successfully selected into the second batch of mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases in the country and was responsible for taking the lead in implementing the national “scientific and technological innovation 2030” smart grid major projects. On the whole, State Grid has realized the transition from technology follow-up to technology catch-up, and is striving to push forward the leap from technology catch-up to technology leadership.