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Innovation system

Currently, State Grid has initially established a multi-layer technological innovation system with research institutes under direct leadership, industrial companies under direct leadership, provincial research institutes and overseas research institutes as the center and external scientific research resources as the support with clear distribution of work that allows all parties to bring out their full potential and make coordinated efforts.

  • Research institutes under direct leadership/
  • Industrial companies under direct leadership/
  • Provincial scientific research institutes/
  • Overseas research institutes/
  • External technological forces
  • Including: China Electric Power Research Institute, Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute, State Power Economic Research Institute and State Grid Energy Research Institute. They will constitute the technological innovation center and supporting service center leading corporate development and grid development.

    China Electric Power Research Institute Implementing fundamental research on key grid technologies, setting up standards for testing and experimenting technologies and providing supportive services together with provincial electric power research institutes.
    Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Organizing fundamental, forward-looking and frontier technological research and equipment development based on the need of the building of GEI.
    State Power Economic Research Institute Conducting research on grid planning and project design technologies. It is responsible for grid planning, design, technological and economic feasibility studies and standard development.
    State Grid Energy Research Institute Conducting research on corporate strategy and operation technologies to provide evidence for decision-making in strategic planning, operation analysis, marketing, power reform and internationalized development.