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The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an important step for China to adapt to and steer globalization as well as foster a new environment in all-round opening-up and development.In recent years, following principles of seeking shared growth and mutual benefits through extensive consultation and joint contribution on the basis of equality, State Grid has actively pursued the BRI based on its core businesses and advantages. It has successfully invested in and operated backbone energy networks in nine countries and regions, including Brazil, the Philippines, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Greece, Oman, Chile and Hong Kong China, as well as set up 10 overseas offices worldwide. In pursuing the BRI and international development, State Grid, with “One Core” (i.e. pursuing the BRI), has promoted “Two Integrations” (namely “investment, construction and operation” integration and “technology, equipment and standards” integration), carried out "Three-Orientation Operation" (long-run, market-oriented and localized operation) as well as enhanced its “Four Abilities” (ability to serve national strategies, ability to compete in the development of international business, ability to control risks for international business and ability to improve brand influence of State Grid). All projects invested and constructed by State Grid, as key infrastructure in invested countries and regions, are crucial to local economic and social development. They are of stable operation and standard management, which gain highly appreciation and great praise from local communities and regulatory authorities, establishing positive reputations in the world. Many projects have become State Grid’s "golden namecards", creating economic, social and environmental value for the local communities and fostering the image of State Grid as a responsible corporate citizen.