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  • Auditor's report 2019

    In 2018, State Grid Corporation of China has achieved sales of 4200 TWh of electricity, with total revenue at 2.6 trillion yuan and profits at 78 billion yuan. By the end of 2018, its total assets reached 3.9 trillion yuan, with the assets-liability ratio at 56.6%, which is 1 percentage point lower compared to that at the beginning of the year. The interest-bearing liabilities reached 960.5 billion yuan, reduced by 29.2 billion yuan. For seven consecutive years, State Grid has received the credit ratings equivalent to China's sovereign rating, by the three major international credit rating agencies, (currently, S&P A+, Moody's A1, Fitch A+).

    Release time:2019-07-11

  • Rating_Report_2019_(S P)


    Release time:2019-07-24

  • Rating_Report_2019_(Moody)


    Release time:2019-07-24

  • Rating_Report_2019_(Fitch)


    Release time:2019-07-24

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