Skin Diseases

You must take good care of the facial skin as it is exposed most of the time. It suffers severely from sunburn and pollution. Given below is a series of measures you need to adopt to protect your face from skin diseases caused by pollutants and sun burn.

I. Protecting Your Face from Sunburn

A good sunscreen is the best protection when you are exposed to a hot scorching sun. However simple measures like wearing a hat, a veil, a scarf can go a long way in preventing skin diseases. They do not cause any irritation, unlike chemicals. Other simple measures that you can adopt to protect your face from sunburn are – using an umbrella, staying indoors, staying under shade to avoid scorching sunrays. Also consuming foods rich in multivitamins will keep your skin healthy.

Wash your face with cool water after a hot sunny trip. If you have to use a sunscreen, use one that has a good sun protection factor (SPF). Such sunscreens are very useful in protecting your face from harmful UV rays which tan and burn your skin. Moisturizers can also be used to counter the dryness caused by hot sun rays.

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Skin Diseases

II. Protecting Your Face from skin diseases caused by Pollution

We are constantly exposed to air and water pollution which damage our face slowly. Given below are measures you need to adopt to protect your face from these pollutants.

1. Protecting your face from air borne pollutants

Wind and breeze deposit a lot of pollutants on the face. The skin also secretes oil to protect and keep it healthy. The oil and the pollutants combine to form a thick coating on the skin which blocks pores and gives rise to infections. Washing the face with luke warm water helps to remove grime and dust. You must wash your face after reaching home if you are exposed to dusty wind. Cleansers can help remove grime from the pores. After washing your face you can apply a thin layer of moisturizer to keep your face moist.

A skin care balm can also be used to protect your face. The balm acts as a barrier protecting your face from pollution. Exfoliating your facial skin twice a week can remove dead skin and keep it healthy. Alternatively you can use a veil to protect your face from wind. Or you can carry a pack of facial cleaning cloths with you to help in cleaning. You also have a choice of using clay masks to clean the facial skin pores.

2. Protecting your face from water borne pollutants

Do not use hard water for cleaning your face. It contains magnesium and calcium. High quantities of minerals can make your skin dry. It can also induce premature wrinkling of the facial skin. The mineral water used for drinking can be used instead. Tap water can be risky if it has a high concentration of chlorine. Chlorine causes itching and burning on the skin. Use a chlorine filter if the tap water has a high concentration of chlorine. Do not wash your face frequently with soap. It removes essential oils and makes your skin dry. Besides, the strong chemicals in the soap can cause irritation. If you have one, use a good toner to keep your facial skin healthy. Rose water is a good toner. And it can be applied safely on the face. Sun burn and pollutants ate major causes of skin diseases. For a healthy skin you need to guard your skin well from these.

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